My Design Journey

Recently, with Design Group Italia, I have transitioned into doing these kinds of projects:

😇 Kinds of projects I am working on These days

New Skills

  • Leading projects as Senior designer

  • Specialising in different touchpoints with user flows, wireframes, prototypes, design systems and UI.

  • Remote workshop facilitation

  • Designing workshop activities

But, I also enjoy getting my hands dirty with project like these:

😍 Growing Knowledge

New Skills

  • Physical & Digital Interactions
  • Physical prototyping with electronics, Arduino & processing
  • Interactive spaces and Visual mapping using 

Learning from my experience by designing projects like these:

🤩 Discovering USERS & BUSINESSES

New Skills

  • Deep knowledge on CRM products like sales, service, analytics & end-to-end customer management
  • Understanding business & Creating Pre-sales demo scenarios
  • Mobile & Tablet interactions
  • iOS & Android UI systems
  • HTML prototyping
  • UI Design using Sketch
  • Lightning components & customising UI & UX for client sandboxes

I started my UX journey by discovering different mediums while working on project like these:

🤓 Getting started

New Skills

  • Ethnographic & Demographic research
  • Personas
  • Wireframing
  • Site maps
  • User Roles & Features
  • UI design 
  • Web Design
  • HTML & CSS
  • Understanding IoT systems & backend 
  • php & Apache

Entering the field of design by  learning different media and becoming a jack of all trades: such as these projects:

🤠 Stumbling & Learning
New Skills
  • 3D modelling with Maya and Blender
  • Print media – colour theory, inDesign, photoshop
  • Digital painting and illustrations – Photoshop & illustrator
  • Photography using Canon 550D & 600D 
  • Visual Branding