Interaction Designer, UX


I’m an interaction designer with a penchant for UX design, research, technology, design thinking and digital tools. I collaborate with multidisciplinary teams to bring them together and drive a vision forward.

I currently work at the Milan office of Design Group Italia, an international design consultancy. I have worked with multidisciplinary teams of service designers, industrial designers and interior designers in projects for manufacturing, Industry 4.0, education and even social change.

In my 2+ years at DGI, I have worked for Fortune 500 businesses, startups and non-profits including:

Before moving to Italy to earn my Master in Interaction Design at Domus Academy, I worked at for 3 years on customising the CRM platform for both B2B and B2C clients in their Bangalore, India office.

My Areas of expertise

Product & User Research

I believe that every product begins with a story. Research helps us, the entire team, understand these stories about different people’s lives, the business’s strategies and competitive market products. These stories reveal problems and gaps which in-turn become the key product & business opportunities. At this stage, I prefer including workshops with the clients, interviews with the customers and desk research for deep-diving.

UX Strategy

Once I understand the different stakeholders and their problems, I love the process of identifying what product solution will truly solve these problems and figuring out the phases of the product features. During these moments, I collaborate with different team members like the product owners, architects, developers & marketing teams to finalise and create a road-map for the product journey.

Experience Design

My strength lies in looking at the experience as a whole. I enjoy looking at it as an eco-system because great experiences extend beyond the screen. I am experienced in creating structure and behaviour of interactive systems and how they can be designed and optimised for the different stakeholder’s and their needs. I use different tools from my toolbox like sketching, wire-framing, user flows, user stories and rapid prototyping to communicate and deliver solutions that can be either products or services.

My design journey...

😍 These Days...

Currently with Design Group Italia, I have been busy building ecosystems for various clients with digital products, applications and websites which cater to different touchpoints, like these:

😁 T-Shaped growth

Although, I also enjoy getting my hands dirty with project like these:

🤩 Discovering customisations & personalisations for users & businesses alike

And previously, Learning from my experience of designing for mobile & tablet interactions for CRM products like sales, service, analytics & end-to-end customer management, understanding Indian business & creating Pre-sales demo scenarios, by designing projects like these:


🤓 Getting Started

I started my UX journey by discovering different mediums like native android & iOS apps, websites & web/applications  while working on project like these:

🤠 Stumbling, learning & exploring

Entering the field of design by  learning different media and becoming a jack of all trades: such as these projects: