I'm an Interaction Designer with a Penchant for UX Design, Research, Technology, Design Process, And Digital Tools.

My keen interest lies in research, analysing and solving complex data and customer process scenarios. This has gotten me, to work aside mechanical engineers, developers, as well as the C-level management to achieve the goal of user and business-centric experience design.

I am also a recent enthusiast in tangible interactions and physical computing. I thoroughly enjoy working on phygital projects and when the time comes to merge the digital with everyday objects, I enjoy getting my hands into the design process and circuitry to make magic happen.

I also continue to work as an independent User Experience Consultant for startups, technology, and digital agencies. I help companies better understand and serve their audiences through research, iterative design and new digital trends.

I have spent 3 years and counting in Milan, learning and absorbing the Italian and the European culture. This journey has begun with my post-graduate course from Domus Academy in Master in Interaction Design, after which I have been working with Design Group Italia for 2 years now.

Previous to that, I have worked for 3 years at Salesforce.com in Bangalore, India as a UX Designer and other MNC’s like EMC2 and Emids Technologies; honing my skills in security, analytics, CRM’s and healthcare sectors.

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I would love to collaborate with you on future projects.


Get In Touch

Would love to collaborate with you on future projects. Who knows would just join your team full time as well 😉


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